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Shelves in stainless steel

Our range of products offers various solutions in terms of steel shelving, in particular for those sectors that require high standards of hygiene and resistance of materials, such as the HO.RE.CA sector. (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering).

Among the main models offered, we find:

✅ INOXPLAST (steel supports and polypropylene shelves)

✅ FORMPLAST (40 mm square supports in AISI 304 steel and polypropylene shelves)

✅ INOX ESTRO (supports and shelf in AISI 304 steel)

These stainless steel shelves are modular, thus offering great flexibility in adapting to various spaces and needs.

The construction of these steel shelves is based on the use of AISI 304 stainless steel, a material known for its resistance to corrosion and its suitability for contact with food. This quality is essential to ensure safety and hygiene in environments where food is handled and stored.

Many of our customers choose us for the quality and resistance of our shelves, often used for cheese maturing or inside cold rooms. In these contexts, the resistance to low temperatures and the hygiene of the product are of primary importance, and our shelves respond perfectly to these needs.

Our steel shelving finds application in numerous sectors.

✔ In the HO.RE.CA. field, our modular stainless steel shelves are widely used in the kitchens of restaurants, hotels and catering services, where hygiene is essential. Furthermore, the wear resistance of stainless steel represents a decisive advantage in environments where activity is particularly intense.

✔ Our steel shelves are also widely used in the retail sector. Supermarkets and grocery stores use them to store and display a wide range of products in an orderly and hygienic manner.

✔ Finally, our shelving is also suitable for the healthcare sector, such as hospitals and laboratories, where hygiene and the resistance of materials are of paramount importance.

In summary, if you are looking for a solution in terms of steel shelving, our products can represent a suitable answer to your needs. Thanks to the high quality of the materials used and the modularity of our models, we can offer steel shelves that are ideal for different applications.
In the dairy sector, the correct conservation and aging of cheeses is of fundamental importance. Our INOXPLAST and FORMPLAST steel shelving models are particularly requested in this sector, thanks to their resistance, hygiene and modularity.

These stainless steel shelves, made with AISI 304 stainless steel suitable for contact with food, meet the specific needs of cheese processing and storage. Both INOXPLAST and FORMPLAST can be supplied with micro-perforated shelves.
This particular feature slows down the formation of condensation, a fundamental aspect in cheese maturing. Humidity control and prevention of condensation are essential to maintain product hygiene and prevent the growth of bacteria.
The modularity of these steel shelves makes them extremely adaptable to various spaces and needs. Whether it's small artisan dairies or large production plants, INOXPLAST and FORMPLAST offer an efficient and quality shelving solution.

Furthermore, AISI 304 stainless steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion and superior ease of cleaning compared to other materials, two key factors when it comes to storing and maturing cheeses.

In conclusion, for the dairy sector, our INOXPLAST and FORMPLAST models represent an excellent choice, guaranteeing an ideal storage and maturing environment for cheeses.

Thanks to their stainless steel construction and the possibility of including micro-perforated shelves, these shelving units offer a reliable and high-quality solution for the storage and maturation of cheeses.
The quality and functionality of our food shelves, the ALUPLAST and INOXPLAST models, are reflected in the positive experiences of our customers.

Once customers install our products, they often immediately realize the many benefits these shelves offer, including ease of assembly, cleaning and sanitizing.

Many of our customers, especially new ones, find themselves pleasantly surprised by the practicality and efficiency of our shelves.
In fact, these not only facilitate the management and organization of food, but they are also incredibly easy to clean, keeping the work environment hygienic and safe.

In addition to this, another factor that attests to the excellent quality of our shelves is the repurchase rate and positive word of mouth.
Many customers, after experiencing the benefits of our shelves, return for further purchases or recommend them to others. This is the best compliment we can receive and a testament to the value of our products.

Finally, the almost non-existent return rate is another indicator of our high quality. Customers who buy our shelves are rarely dissatisfied, and this is due to the strength, functionality and practicality that our shelves offer.

In conclusion, our ALUPLAST and INOXPLAST shelves represent the union of quality, functionality and practicality. This is the reason why our customers keep choosing and recommending us, thus attesting to the high quality and effectiveness of our food racks.


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