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Cold room shelving

Store your food properly with our cold storage shelves

In the realm of efficient storage, cold room shelving stands as an essential element in preserving and organizing perishable items efficiently.
Exceptional cold room storage shelves designed to sustain low temperatures are vital in maintaining product quality.

When it comes to durability and resistance, plastic cold room shelving emerges as a top choice, marrying hygiene with convenience.

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Modern cold storage solutions

A versatile shelving rack for cold room and freezer room meets the high standards of quality and efficiency that businesses strive for. No cold storage setup is complete without optimal coldroom shelving that facilitates organization and easy access to items stored.

Investing in top-tier Coldroom Shelving guarantees not only the durability of the shelves but also enhanced storage capacity, allowing you to make the most out of your cold storage space. These shelves are crafted to withstand the tests of time, assuring longevity and reliability.

From facilitating effortless inventory management to improving operational efficiency, the right Cold Room Shelves can truly transform your cold storage rooms into hubs of productivity. Opt for plastic cold room shelving and witness a revolution in how products are stored, accessed, and managed.

Hygene first

These shelves are not only resistant to low temperatures but also easy to clean, ensuring that hygiene standards are met with ease.

In addition, incorporating functional cold room storage shelves and cold room storage racks will pave the way for a streamlined operation, minimizing wasted time and effort.

Equip your storage facility with versatile freezer room shelving, a solution that caters to a myriad of storage needs.

What's more, there's a range of shelving for freezer rooms available, catering to various requirements and space constraints. Whether you're looking to revamp your existing setup or start anew, you'll find the perfect options at competitive prices, with cool room shelving for sale that meets all your specifications.

Expand your business horizon with cold store shelving, a vital tool in maintaining an organized and efficient cold storage facility.

For businesses looking to showcase their products in an attractive manner, cold room display shelving is your go-to option, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Do not compromise on quality

Instead, choose the best shelving coolroom solutions available in the market, designed with precision and a deep understanding of the cold storage industry's unique needs.

Take your business to the next level with shelving solutions that promise not only quality and durability but also a seamless integration into your cold storage operations.

Choose cold room shelving solutions that stand the test of time, delivering quality, efficiency, and innovation at every step of the way.

Discover our production of cold room shelves

Our company produces various types of shelving: in steel, in aluminum and plastic and in steel and plastic for various product sectors with very flexible dimensions and prices. Below you can see the main types of shelves available in our catalogue.

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A perfect combination of steel (AISI 304) and plastic for an easy and safe seasoning of cheeses. The INOXPLAST series is built with round section uprights and has the advantage of being easier to assemble.

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Modular shelving in aluminum suitable for every type of warehouse of shops and hotels or for cold rooms (they can work at -40 °) of restaurants and trattorias. This shelving is self-supporting and very robust (150kg per shelf)

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Model INOX

Shelf with uprights and shelves made entirely of AISI304 stainless steel and NSF certified and perfect for kitchens in large hotels, restaurants, holiday farms, fishmongers, butcher shops

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FORMPLAST model stainless steel shelves with square section uprights. Excellent for cheeses. Equipped with micro-perforated shelves that prevent condensation

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Click here to visit our website and discover our production of shelves for cold rooms
Click here to visit our website and discover our production of shelves for cold rooms
Click here to visit our website and discover our production of shelves for cold rooms

Brescancin, Professional shelving for cold storage

We produce a wide range of products, from shelving (for foodstuffs, for cold rooms, for shops and supermarkets, modular shelving for the home, outdoor shelves) to equipment components for large kitchens (pidini levelers, oven supports, guides for extendable tables, table legs).

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